Plastic Welding Rods Facts & Measures

This page contains often-used facts & measurements that are needed related to the use of Plastic Welding Rods:

Melting Points by Plastic Type:



Recommended Mixing Nozzle Diameter by Material Viscosity

Material Viscosity                                                               Mixing Element Inner Diameter Range

 Thin < 5,000cps                  (Thinner than Honey)                  2.4 - 6.4mm   (0.093 - 0.25 in)

 Medium 5,000 - 50,000cps  (Between Honey & Ketchup)         5.4 - 8.0mm   (0.212 - 0.314 in)

Thick & Gel> 50,000cps     (Thicker than Ketchup)                  > 9.3mm   (0.366 in)


Coverage area of cartridges and kits:

Linear length coverage for various adhesive volumes:  Generally speaking, (using a typical mixing nozzle with a standard 2mm outlet opening) you can expect these volume-to-length ratios:

  • Per 1-ml of adhesive:  1.92-inches of linear length from a 1/8-inch wide bead (or 3.84-inches of linear length from a 1/16-inch wide bead)

... and translated to standard cartridge sizes:

25mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 4 Linear Feet

25mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 6-8 Linear Feet 

50mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 8 Linear Feet

50mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 12-16 Linear Feet 

200mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 32 Linear Feet

200mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 48-64 Linear Feet 

400mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 64 Linear Feet

400mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 96-128 Linear Feet 

470mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 75 Linear Fee

470mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 112-150 Linear Feet 

600mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 96 Linear Feet

600mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 144-192 Linear Feet 

1500mL cartridge (1/8-inch wide bead): About 240 Linear Feet

1500mL cartridge(1/16-inch wide bead): 360-480 Linear Feet 

1 Quart Kit (1/8-inch wide bead): About 150 Linear Feet

1 Quart Kit (1/16-inch wide bead): 225-300 Linear Feet 

1 Gallon Kit (1/8-inch wide bead): About 600 Linear Feet
1 Gallon Kit (1/16-inch wide bead): 900-1200 Linear Feet

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