About Perigee

What Is Perigee anyway?  A different word, but you're familiar with Perigee... It is the closest point that a satellite (or the Moon) gets to Earth during its orbit.   

Perigee is the closest point an object gets in its orbit





It’s a feature of a regular, recurring and stable path… a sustainable model, and the perfect name for our company.

It’s also how we work with you.  When you call, research, order, engage with us then you're at Perigee.  Then you go back to your projects (your orbit), returning at Perigee periodically and we get to help out again.

We work hard to make supply easy for your team while helping you learn about and move toward sustainable options within your industry.   It’s simple.  It’s inevitable.  It’s good business.  Perigee. 

Our Mission

Accelerate the Transition to Sustainable Industry 

How We're Different

  • Inventory is IN-STOCK and Immediately Available. This means No Lead Times & No Drop-Shipping on 99% of our product catalog.
  • Friendly & Helpful Humans, lol.  We work hard to be easily accessible and available via phone, email, text, chat, etc.
  • Get the Right Accessories Fast.  We help you pick the RIGHT accessories the first time.
  • Rewarding Volume & Repeat Discounts.  We work hard for direct relationships, so you benefit with lower costs.
  • Fast Account Setup for B2B, Tax-Exempt, Re-Sellers & Governments.
  • Easy Payment & Shipping Options.  All sorts of payment options available, even Bitcoin.  And easily apply shipping to your company's shipper account.

What We Do

Perigee produces and supplies specialty consumables for Sciences and Industrial customers and organizations of all sizes.  This means adhesives,  resins, dispensing & filling equipment, plastic welding materials & filaments, and equipment mounting systems and kits for Sciences and Industrial organizations of all sizes. We carry major product lines like Loctite, Devcon, Royal Hardman, 3M, Araldite, Cox, MixPac, Sulzer, Nordson, Atlas and more of your most trusted names. 

We focus hard on nailing your experience: high-transparency, mission-based operations and decision making, digitally-enabled supply chains, sustainable product lines and options, sharing knowledge and know-how that we come into, and integrated customer-Perigee experiences.

What you can expect

Whether you need just one cartridge or packet for a small project, or large demand for a major production line, we are ready to get you moving.  Our seasoned team of qualified experts will suggest the right formulas and tools to get you moving.

Quite simply… with Perigee you can expect:

  • Honest and fair prices
  • Embracing new ideas & technology that make supply easier and helps you transition toward sustainability in your operations
  • Fast reliable shipping: 3PM CST orders ship same-day
  • Friendly, respectful, easy to contact and easy to work with:
    • Flexible payments… all traditional options as well as PayPal, Amazon Payments, lines of credit, and EFTs for international customers
    • Eagerly enable customers’ special/unique formula/application needs
    • Fast friendly respectful response and help to unique needs
  •  Honorable returns and exchanges: we extend trust to our customer’s situation.  It's what we expect when we're customers.

Our Core Values

  • Be Friendly
    • It’s a simple value, but also a little rare.
    • Think the Golden Rule here, that’s what we shoot for.
  • Live with Integrity
    • We say what we mean, and do what we say. We do what is right by our families, our customers, and the Earth.  We work smart, quick and hard, regardless of who is or isn’t watching us.
  • Disrupt to improve
    • We disrupt markets, product lines, processes, and systems, to make things better and easier for you, our customers.
  • Question Assumptions, Question the Status Quo
    • We believe that our Assumptions and the Status Quo can self-limit our options and your potential
  • Think Deeply, Systemically
    • Before we act, before we do, before we recommend or advise, we first deeply think through your needs and all related factors. And then pivot our actions to hit your needs.
  • Iterate as a Lifestyle
    • Life evolves, things change, constantly, always
    • We evolve our entire lives, you do too. So Perigee does too, we iterate to make us better at helping you.

Markets Perigee Serves     Perigee focuses on 4 specialty supply markets:

  • Aerospace & Engineering.
  • Sciences organizations and University labs
  • Maintenance & Repair organizations (the well-known MRO market)
  • And of course, all Professionals and Super-Do-It-Yourself-ers out there that can relate with these super-cool markets.

That's Perigee