Hardman Epoweld 8173 - Extra-Fast setting Epoxy (aka Double Bubble Red 04001)

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Hardman Epoweld 8173 - Extra-Fast setting Epoxy
(also known as Hardman Double Bubble Red 04001)
  • 50ml cartridges (packaged as Epoweld 8173, same formula as #04001 Packets)
    • Includes One Mixing Nozzle for each 50ml Cartridge
  • 2-Bottle Kits (8oz, 16oz, 32oz total volume kits) packaged as Epoweld 8173, same formula as #04001 Packets) 1:1 ratio, so each bottle is 1/2 of the total kit volume
    • Includes 2 epoxy bottles Parts A & B, 5 Mixing Nozzles and 5 mixing cups.

Also available in Single-Use Packets under the Epoweld 8173 forumla name

  • Single Samples, 5-Packs, 10-Packs, 25-Packs, 50-Packs, 100-Packs
    • Includes One Mixer Stick for each Epoxy Packet purchased
Hardman Epoweld 8173 is among the fastest setting epoxy formulas available. And extremely strong... At 2,400+psi strength, it's even stronger than high-strength Concrete! It's the perfect 'clutch player' for on-the-spot bonding jobs, where fast setting and high strength are key.

NSN's & Mil Specs
NSN: 8040-00-092-2816
Double/Bubble® 04001 is listed by the Department of Defense as conforming to NSN 8040-00-092-2816
  • Extra-Fast Setting 2-part epoxy: 3-5 minute working time
  • Extreme Strength: 2,400 - 3,200 psi
  • Dries clear and does not shrink
  • More clean, less messy, and less wasteful than epoxy syringes from other companies
  • Each pack has 3.5 grams of epoxy, perfect for single, small jobs
  • 2-Year Shelf Life, Maximize use, Minimize waste
  • Same epoxy as the popular Double Bubble Red Extra-Fast Setting Epoxy Packets #04001

Hardman Epoweld 8173 Epoxy provides a strong, permanent, fast and gap-filling bond that's great for multiple surface applications. This all purpose formula bonds steel, wood, aluminum, ceramic, tile and more. It is impact resistant, and handles bumps, bangs and drops very well. Double Bubble Red Epoxy is water and solvent resistant and non-toxic once cured. The easy-to-use, reusable syringe dispenses equal amounts of resin and hardener for easy, even dispensing.

Typical uses: Repairing of tools, auto parts, electrical and electronic components, furniture and other applications that require a fast setting adhesive.

Setting / Working Time: 3-5 minutes

Time to Handling Strength: 45-60 minutes

Uncured (Wet) Color: Amber Dries: Clear Viscosity (Uncured Thickness): Like Honey

Specification Name Value
Type Extra-Fast Setting Epoxy
Color Clear / Possibly Very Light Amber
Each Single-Pack Size 3.2mL Total per Double-Pack (1.6mL per side, parts A & B)
Work-Time (minutes) 3-5
Hardness 80 (Shore D)
Overlap Shear Strength (psi) 3000
Peel Strength 1.8 piw
CFIA Approved No
ISO-10993 No


Other Information Value

GSA/NSN Number
Country of Origin UNITED STATES
Estimated Usable Shelf Life More than 2 years (730 days, or 24 months)