DISCONTINUED - Araldite 2029-1 Flexible Medium Viscosity Gray Fast Set Polyurethane (PUR) adhesive - Variety of Packaging Sizes

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Product details

  • Type Polyurethane
  • Vendor Araldite
  • SKU AR_2029-1_050ml

Product Description

This Product has been discontinued by the Manufacturer, however we are leaving this page live so you can view the Product Details and find a suitable substitute adhesive. 

Manufacturer's Recommended Substitute:

Araldite 2040.

Though no longer available, Araldite® 2029-1 structural adhesive was a two component, gap filling, cold curing polyurethane adhesive, consisting of a grey resin component and a beige-colored hardener component. It forms a dark grey colored, high strength, rigid bond on metal, which is ideal for for structural applications.

Features of the Discontinued 2029-1 formula:

  • It was Gap filling
  • It was Medium open time
  • It had High strength on metal
  • It had good Adhesion to copper and brass