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Things to Consider When Bonding Two Surfaces with Industrial Huntsman Araldite 2013 Epoxy

Huntsman Araldite 2013, a two-component epoxy adhesive, has widely been used in many demanding industries, such as aerospace, automobile, sports and leisure, and many others, for a variety of applications. The primary reason for its industrial omnipresence is its ability to form extremely strong and durable bonds with a range of material, including, but not limited to, metal, wood, rubber, and plastic. Besides, it’s easy to use, requiring little time to get the job done.

For designers, the strong bond that Huntsman 2013 offers is the perfect solution to the problems created by new materials, new techniques and manufacturing methods, and new uses of existing materials. However, to ensure a successful bonding between two materials, some directions must be strictly followed, and these are as follows:

  • You must measure the resin and hardener components of Araldite metal-epoxy in the recommended ratio and thoroughly mix them together.
  • You must degrease the bonded surfaces and pretreat them, if and when necessary.
  • You should observe the minimum curing temperature and curing time, as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • You should use jigs or other fixtures to prevent the bond surfaces from moving during the curing process.
  • When applying pressure to the bonded surfaces, ensure that you put only light pressure and as evenly as possible over the whole area. Excessive pressure may leave the bond starved of adhesive.

Other factors to consider:

  • To achieve the best performance from the Araldite metal-epoxy bond, it is vital to design the component for bonding instead of using a design created for mechanical fastening.
  • Always consider the methods of adhesive application and the assembly of the bonded surfaces at the design stage.
  • A strong, successful bond can only be formed when you pay attention to the quality at all stages of the design and production process.

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