Get High-Strength, Versatile Chemical Bonding with Plexus MA310

Plexus MA310 all-purpose MMA adhesive is a methacrylate adhesive designed especially for the structural bonding of thermoplastics, metal, and other composite assemblies. This adhesive comes in two parts, the adhesive itself and the activator, which need to be combined at a 1:1 ratio. One of the most significant features of MA310 is its ability to provide high-strength bonding and stiffness for a wide range of materials. Plexus MA310 is most commonly supplied in ready-to-use cartridges in quantities ranging from 50 ml to 400 ml, as well as 20-liter to 200-liter pails.

The Plexus MA310 uses the same formula as the older Devcon formula Plastic Welder 2, only now it comes under the ITW Plexus name.

Preparation and Use

You can apply Plexus adhesives manually or through the means of an all-stainless-steel automated bulk dispensing equipment. With Plexus, you do not need any surface preparation. It gives you high strength and modulus bonding with no material sagging once applied. Plexus is a 100% reactive agent, and it has excellent tolerance toward off-ratio mixing.

In order to achieve maximum bond strength, the surfaces you are using should be mated within the specified working time, which is usually 15 – 18 minutes. Any adjustments that need to be made should also occur during the working time, after which the mated surfaces should not be disturbed until the fixture time is complete, which usually occurs 45 – 55 minutes after application.

Safety Notes

It is important to note that both the Plexus adhesive and activator are flammable since their contents include methacrylate esters. The adhesive should be used with extreme care, and the container should be closed after use and kept away from open flames. It is imperative to wear gloves and safety glasses so that you can avoid skin and eye contact with the materials. If the adhesive does come into contact with your skin, you should immediately wash it with soap and water.

Since this adhesive cures very quickly, there is a large amount of heat produced when large amounts of this material are mixed together. The chemical reaction of the adhesive and activator mixing together, especially in large quantities, can cause the release of entrapped air, steam, and other volatile gases. You can prevent this by strictly using only the amount of product required for the application and creating proper ventilation priorly.

You should also make it a point to ask your provider or bulk manufacturer about what components are safe for automated use of this adhesive and what conditions it should be used under.

Where to Find Plexus and Other Chemical Adhesives

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