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The Weldy leather holster (126.311) is a practical heat gun holder and is part of the accessories for the Weldy HG 330 and 530 series. The holster is used to insert the heat gun safely and within easy reach. High-quality and chemical-free, Italian leather was deliberately chosen as the material because leather is more heat resistant than artificial leather and other materials.

In addition, leather is softer than metal or plastic, which means that accidental contact with the object being worked on will not cause damage. For example, when coming into contact with the film or bodywork during car wrapping or when touching other sensitive surfaces. The design, which is perfectly adapted to the Weldy HG 330 and HG 530 series heat guns, is convenient for the user when working. There is a flap on the back of the holster that directs the hot airflow away from the body. Large air holes also enable the hot air to easily escape when the heat gun is on. To properly disperse the air, the holster needs to be used exclusively in combination with the nozzle protection, which is available under article number 165.036. Eco Mode 2 can be programmed accordingly on the HG 530-A so that the heat gun automatically switches to Eco Mode after being inserted into the holster. This saves up to 40% energy. The holster shows its advantages in all varied work where the heat gun has to be placed out of the way frequently. For example, when working on the trim in the interior of a vehicle, wrapping cars, detail work during installation of elastic floor coverings made of plastic or natural materials (linoleum and rubber) or when working with various leathers. In short: The leather heat gun holster is an extremely practical accessory for all work where the angled heat guns are frequently used on and off while completing an application. The holster increases work safety and enables even more efficiency.