Retaining Nut for MedMix MixPac and Nordson Cartridges (C-System and 2K Cartridges)

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The MedMix MixPac Retaining Nut (7/8-inch 9-thread-count) is used to close and seal cartridges that use 9-thread-count threads for mixing nozzles and sealing caps.

This is the standard thread for most 2-part cartridges, including the Sulzer MixPac C-System and Nordson 2K cartridges. Which are the two most popular cartrdige designs among 2-part cartridges.

Sulzer MixPac Part Number: UMG 10-01-01

It is made to hold in place un-threaded mixing nozzles onto threaded, larger dispensing cartridges (200ml, 400ml, 600ml, and 1500ml). As well as for ALL 14-thread-count Nordson Ratio-Pak style cartridges.