Piston insertion tool for Push-Pin Pistons. Used with MedMix and Maven 2-part adhesive cartridges. 200ml, 400ml, 1:1 ratio, 2:1 ratio sizes

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The piston insertion tool for 200ml Atlas Professional, and all 200ml to 400ml dual-barrel cartridges that use the outer push-in-pin style of sealing pistons. For example, Sulzer MixPac C-System and Nordson 2k cartridges.

This piston insertion tool makes installing & sealing the pistons easy and standardized, and is a crucial step after filling operations are complete.

How it works: Two easy steps.

Installing pistons with the insertion tool is super easy once you understand how the piston is built and how to use the insertion tool.

The push-pin-style Pistons are reliable and trusted piston technology, incorporating a plastic push-pin on the outside end of the pistons. The Insertion Tool fits around the push-pin, as the user presses down on the piston with the tool, allowing the inside trapped air to release and the piston to be lowered into place void of trapped air.

  1. Notice that the insertion tool is hollow inside. The hollow nature of the tool is very important, and is used to apply pressure while installing the piston without touching the push-pin during insertion/installation.
  2. once the piston has been fully inserted, and all trapped air has been released, remove the tool and press the push-pin down, locking the piston and sealing the cartridge shut.