Permabond UV625 UV single part, fast curing, UV curable adhesive

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PERMABOND UV625 is a single part, fast curing, UV curable adhesive primarily designed for bonding and sealing glass and metal. The cured adhesive is tough, flexible and has excellent impact resistance. The gel-like viscosity and good depth of cure make it ideal for use on vertical surfaces or where large gaps are involved.

Features & Benefits
  • Cure on demand
  • Non-drip
  • Flexible, good impact resistance
  • Fast curing with low-power lamps
  • 100% solids, no solvents
  • Excellent adhesion to metal and glass

Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive

Chemical Composition Methacrylate ester
Appearance Colorless gel
Viscosity @ 25°C

20 rpm: 30,000-55,000 mPa.s (cP)

2.5 rpm: 120,000-250,000 mPa.s (cP)

Specific Gravity 1.0

Typical Curing Properties

Typical fixture time*

Low power 4mW/cm² battery lamp: 5 secs

LED 100mW/cm² lamp: 2 secs

UV light guide 30W/cm²: 1 sec

Cure wavelength 365-400 nm **
*The cure time depends on the power of the UV lamp, its spectral output, the distance between the lamp and the components, and the transmission characteristics of the substrates.
**LED UV lamps have a narrow range of spectral output. It is important to check suitability with Permabond in order to match the LED lamp’s peak wavelength with that of the adhesive’s photoinitiator to ensure optimal adhesive cure.

Typical Performance of Cured Adhesive

Tensile Strength (steel to glass)*

(ASTM D-2095-69)

6-10 N/mm²

(870 psi – 1450 psi)

Tensile strength (ISO37)

16 N/mm² (2300 psi)

Refractive index (cured) >1.490
Elongation (ISO37) >60%
Hardness (ISO868) 60-70 SHore D
Dielectric strength 12 KV/mm
Dielectric constant 1MHz@25°C 4

Water absorbtion (ISO62)

2 hours in boiling water

*Strength results will vary depending on the level of surface preparation and gap.