Permabond HH167 1 x 75ml accordion

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Permabond HH167 is a high viscosity gap filling silver paste, which can be used for repairing metal machinery parts. It is ideal for repairing worn shafts, broken threads, damaged keyways and splines. Permabond HH167 has excellent chemical and temperature resistance. NB. This adhesive is only suitable for gaps <0.5 mm and will not cure on the outside of a joint.

Silver anaerobic repair paste

  • High strength retainer.
  • Metallic appearance.
  • Excellent gapfill - up to 0.5mm.
  • For repairing worn shafts, spun bearings etc.
  • Cures between two metallic surfaces.
  • Directions for Use 1) On slip fitted assemblies, apply adhesive on the leading edge of the pin and on the inside of the collar. Assemble with twisting action. 2) On press fitting assemblies, apply the adhesive on the pin and collar. Assemble using a press. 3) On shrink fitted assemblies, apply the adhesive to the pin, heat the collar to create enough clearance and assemble. 4) Allow the parts to fixture before disturbing them.