Nordson TAH 190-620H (7701510) Round-Helix bayonet 50ml Mixing Nozzle 20-element 6-inch H-Tapered w/ Luer-Lok Compatible Outlet (tip)

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  • Type Mixing Nozzles
  • Vendor Nordson EFD
  • SKU NORDSON_MIXER_TAH 190-620H_7701510_0001PK
  • Barcode 687927954717

Nordson TAH 190-620H (7701510)

The Nordson 190-620H (now Nordson 7701510) is a traditional helix bayonet-style static mixer with 20 mixing elements and an element diameter of 6.35 mm (.250 in). This static mixer has an H Tapered tip allowing for fine adhesive dispensing. The 190-620H mixer is one of our most popular Nordson TAH nozzles for mixing and dispensing.


  • Part Number: TAH 190-620H (7701510) 
  • Connection Type: Bayonet
  • Luer-Lok fitting:  Compatible with the Nordson Blue Luer-Lok Adapter
  • Mix Ratios: 1:1, 2:1
  • Cartridge Size: 50 ml, 25 ml, 75 ml
  • Viscosity: Medium, High, Thixotropic & Gels
  • Material/Color:   Clear Plastic, with white internal mixing element
  • Works with the following Branded 50ml cartridges: 
    • Loctite Hysol, 3M Scotch Weld, Devcon Dev-Packs & Mark5, Huntsman Araldite 2000+ Gorilla Epoxy, and all other brands that use the following 50ml cartridge types.
  • Works with the following 50ml cartridge types:
    • All A-System 50ml "Square-Back or Rectangle-Back" Cartridges
  • Syringe Inner Diameter:     6.35 mm (.250 in);
  • Tip Style: smooth taper tip with Luer-Lok fitting for easy fastening of Luer-Lok Dispensing Tips. 
  • Tip-end hole Inner Diameter: 0.5mm/ 0.06"
  • Inner Mixing Elements: 20 elements (how many mixing 'points' are found inside the nozzle)
  • Total Syringe Length: 153mm/ 6" 
  • Package Contents vary by the Pack size you select.
  • Each Pack includes the same number of mixing nozzles plus the needed inner/inside mixing assembly