Newborn 2K and RatioPak Multi-Ratio Dispensers, designed for the Ratio-Pak Configurable Cartridge System

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The Newborn 2K 2-Part universal multi-cartridge Dispensers/applicators, also called a two-part or two-component applicator, works with most configurations of the Ratio-Pak Multi-Ratio Cartridge System, as well as all major & popular large-format 600ml adhesive cartridges.

They have a very efficient squeeze-thrust ratio of 26:1, meaning it amplifies your hand squeezes as much as 26 times, which is great for applying very high viscosity epoxies, acrylics, foams, silicones, urethanes and other adhesives. Each pull of the trigger pushes the plunger by 5.5 mm. The steel gripper plates and push-discs provide durability, and an adjustable screw that cuts thrust gaps provides bead control.

These dispensers are easily configured, with just a couple quick adjustments, to dispense most any ratio configuration of the Ratio-Pak system.

Part Number Related Sizes

535-XSP For all smaller size cartridges, that have barrels 300ml or smaller on both sises. (or said another way, that do not have any 600ml or 750ml barrel on either component side).

655-XSP For all cartridge sizes that are 600ml x300ml & larger

750-XSP For all cartridge sizes that are 750ml x (30ml or 75ml)

751-XSP For all cartridge sizes that are 750ml x (100ml or up-to 250ml)

755-XSP For all cartridges that have are 750ml x 300ml & Larger