MixPac DS51 Corian Dispensing Kit for 50ml Corian Adhesives (10:1 Ratio Only)

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MixPac DS51 Corian Dispensing Kit for 50ml Corian Adhesive Cartridges (10:1 Ratio Only)

MixPac, the industry standard for Corian and Corian-compatible adhesives and application/dispensing tools.

The DS51 is MixPac’s flagship 2-Part Dispenser for all 10:1 mix ratio Corian cartridges (the popular S-Type ‘Rounded-Back’ 50ml cartridge style). This kit includes one DS51 Dispenser, and one 10:1 ratio plunger for 10:1 ratio cartridges. This single dispenser and plunger fit both types mix ratio cartridges.

The dispenser is extremely important to the adhesive dispensing process. A 2-component adhesive can only reach it's potential if contstant metering to ensure the correct ratios are applied during the dispensing/extrusion steps.

Key Features:

  • Industry standard Corian Dispenser for S-Type 50ml 2-Partl cartridges
  • Works with All S-Type cartridges using a 10:1 mixing ratio
  • Consistent and precise metering

    • Each Full Hand Squeeze produces 4.1grams of Epoxy (2 plunger clicks)
    • Each single plunger 'click' produces 2.05 grams of Epoxy
  • Kit Includes a 10:1 mix-ratio plunger
  • Impact Resistant Hardened Plastic body is lightweight and extremely durable
  • The dispense's highly ergonomic design is perfect for heavy, extended, repeated use, and will minimize hand fatigue
  • No-Drip design with an integrated pre-release system