Meritool PowerPush 7000 Spare Battery or Spare Charger, for all 7000-series 20V Battery Powered Cordless Dispensers

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Battery or Charger
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Charger, 12 / 20V LiIon 30 Minute Fast Charge time. No cord.
For Meritool 1010-021 (12V) and 1010-018 (20V) batteries only. Input voltage 100-240 V-AC. Specify interchangeable cordset type.

Maximum Force 6.2 kN / 1400lb

The 7000 Series is the most powerful in the Meritool line-up, and is also the most powerful dispenser available in the market with a maximum dispensing force of 1,600 lbs (7.0kN) This series is designed for reliable high performance dispensing of two component materials. It features a unique “Dual Drive” system. The motor is directly coupled through planetary drive system achieving a reduction ratio of 4,400:1 hardened alloy steel pinion gear that drives two gear racks simultaneously. The result is unmatched on-ratio performance and a simplicity of design that makes a rugged long lasting tool. The front end cartridge holders are precision laser cut and robotically welded for unmatched strength and accuracy. The long lived 20V x 2.0Ah battery provide up to 30 cartridge sets of dispensing power per charge. The Powerpush charger provide an ultrafast 30 minute charge time.”