Maven Replacement Parts - 3-Prong Tension Knob for Dispenser Arm

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Maven Little-Big-Filler Components - Replacement 3-arm Thumb Tension Knob for the Fluid Dispenser Support Arm. It screws-in and holds-taught the Fluid Dispenser Arm. They provide a secure grip to position, tighten, and hold the Fluid Dispenser Arm in place.

Knobs are a lightweight alternative to metal. They resist oil, grease, and solvents. Made of phenolic plastic, they have good impact and scratch resistance.


Screw Thread: 1/4in-20 threads per inch

Screw Length: 1 inch

Knob Height: 5/8 inch

Knob Diameter: 2 inches

Knob Material: Phenolic Plastic

Color: Black