Maven MMA 4022 Acrylic - Medium Set 20-Min Toughened Impact Resistant MMA Adhesive-High Viscosity Blue-10:1 ratio

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maven MMA 4022 is a 20-minute set Thick, High-Viscosity, Toughened Non-Sagging Non-Dripping two-part 10:1 ratio methacrylate (MMA) adhesive suitable for solid surface seaming application. Because it's Toughened, it's highly shock resistant, and can preserve it's bond strength against impacts and other striking forces.

Optimized for Marine and Automotive applications, It offers excellent adhesion to a variety of solid surface sheet materials, including acrylics, cast acrylics, polyesters, cast/densified polyesters, thermoplastics and composites. It exhibits a high resistance to fresh water, salt water, brine water, moisture, impact, wear, scuffing, boiling water and high temperature. The product cures to a light blue color.

Substitutes and Compliments:

It is a direct substitute/compliment to the Plexus MA422 toughened marine-optimized MMA formula.

Please Note: These cartridges are designed to work best with a 50ml, 250ml or 490ml 10:1 ratio cartridge Dispenser. We advise you use a 50ml, 250ml or 490ml Dispenser for all respective cartridges. If you do not have one, please check out our Dispensers, all are excellent products and have our 'it's good' seal of approval.

If you prefer not to use a Dispenser, we have some 50ml kits that include hand tools, as pictured, that you can use for fast small jobs. But the 250ml and 490ml cartridges really need to use the correct-sized Dispenser, they're just too big to effectively use without the dispenser.

Key Features

  • • Tensile Strength: 2500-3300 psi
    • Lap Shear Strength: 1500-2500 psi
    • Blue color, the toughening agent makes it have a blue tint
    • Thick formula, 80,000 to 100,000 cps
    • Chemical resistance: Excellent resistant to hydrocarbons, acids and bases. Susceptible to polar solvents.
    • Blue color (toughened additives add the blue tint)
    • 18-24 Min Working Time
    • 30-40 Min Time to Handling Strength
    • Self-Etching, means very little prep work needed
    • Bonds to wide variety of Plastics

Cured Product Characteristics

Chemical: Methacrylate Ester
Color: Blue
Working time (set time): 18-24 minutes
Fixture time (handling strength): 30-40 minutes
Gap Filling: 0.75 to 9.00 mm (.03 in - .35 in)
Flash Point: 51℉

Properties of uncured material (Resin)
Specific Gravity: 0.97 +/-0.02
Viscosity@25°C, cP: 100,000 - 130,000
Color: Off-White
Mix ratio by weight: 9.1

Properties of uncured material (Activator)
Specific Gravity: 1.06 +/- 0.02
Viscosity@25°C, cP: 40,000-80,000
Color: Blue
Mix ratio by volume: 1

Directions of applications
Wipe off the surface to be bonded, de-greasing or de-oiling is optional, unless excessive grease or oil is present. The product can be applied using a manual dispenser or pneumatic dispenser. Make sure to mate the surfaces to be bonded before the work time. The nozzle sizes can be selected according to the desired thickness. Use eye protection and gloves to avoid skin contact. Join the substrates within 8 minutes and allow it to cure at room temperature. Do not disturb the parts during the curing process. Excess adhesive can be wiped off.

Safety and handling
Wear safety glasses and gloves. Harmful if swallowed. Keep the material away from heat, and flames. Keep out of reach of children. Once used keep the containers closed.

Storage and shelf life
Store this product in a tightly closed container in a cool and well-ventilated area. Product should not be frozen. Keep it away from any source of heat. Store the material in between 51℉ to 75℉. Continuous exposure above 75℃ will reduce the shelf life. Shelf life of the material is 10 months, if the storage conditions are followed.