Maven Little Big Filler - Versatile Liquid & Adhesive Filling Machine for Small Batches 1 and 2-part materials

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  • Type Filling & Dispensing Machines
  • Vendor Maven

Maven Little Big Filler

Versatile Liquid & Adhesive Filling Machine for Smaller-Batches, 1 and 2-part Materials

Introducing the latest addition to the Perigee Direct catalog, the Maven Little Big Filler.

A Small-Batch Benchtop Filling Systems that can handle a variety of 1-part or 2-part liquids and chemicals... including adhesives, additives, antioxidants, corrosives, dyes, and many other more sensitive liquid products.

Highly configurable to meet your varying needs, our simple and reliable liquid filling machine is designed to deliver reliable performance and low total cost of ownership year after year.

This system is perfect for labs, packaging operations, formulators, field jobs, and teams that need to fill or swap out small batch-filling jobs frequently.

  • Easy and fast cleanup.
  • Easy material swap-out: no need to clean lines, just dispose of old ones and quick-mount new tubing lines.
  • Engineered for fast quick-mount tubing and parts replacement.
  • Compatible with a diverse variety of empty cartridges, from the smallest 10ml all the way to the largest 1500ml and larger
  • Each lined container holds up to 2.5 Gallons of raw material
  • Can also place entire pails inside the pots for easy and clean downpacking (up to 1-gallon pails can be placed inside the pressure pots)
  • Quickly swappable from 1-fluid to 2-fluid configuration and operation
  • Can operate as an integrated vacuum chamber (de-gasser) with an optional vacuum pump.
  • Can operate one or two filling machines at the same time and with a single compressor, with specially configured compressor and vacuum pumps


Popular cartridges and containers that the filler is compatible with:

small 2-part syringes, 2ml to 10ml

50ml 2-part cartridge systems

200ml, 250ml, 400ml & 490ml 2-part cartridge systems

450ml, 600ml, 825ml, 1500ml 2-part cartridge systems

Coaxial 2-Part cartridge systems (looks like caulking tubes)

      Single-Component, 1-Part Cartridges, Barrels, and Syringes

      Technical Specs:


      liqiud filling machine

      Driven Type

      Pneumatic, with optional specially-configured 1/2 HP compressor for high productivity

      Filling mode


      Shell material

      stainless steel

      Addressable Viscosities

      all viscosities up to 50,000 cP

      and up to 1-million cP with optional high-viscosity adapter

      Single pump Max. flow rate


      Filling range


      Machine Size & Weight

      1-Part system: 13 x 13 x 32 inches, 20 lbs

      2-Part system: 26 x 13 x 32 inches, 40 lbs

      Optional Air Compressor: 10 lbs