Devcon 10-Minute Epoxy (14251) - Chemical Resistant Epoxy Adhesive

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Devcon 10-Minute Epoxy (P/N's 14251) is very popular in industrial, professional, and Do-It-Yourself applications.

Substitutes & Equivalents:

  • Maven 10-Minute Epoxy EA510

It’s an extremely strong, medium-cure, Impact resistant, chemical resistant, and high peel strength clear epoxy adhesive that will self-level after application.

Intended Use: Bonding parts in a structural environment or potting electronic components and assemblies

Surfaces Recommended: Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Copper, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Plated Metals, Painted Metals, Sheet Metals, ABS, Acrylics, FiberGlass, Epoxies, PVC & Vinyls, Wood, Plywood and Laminates, Particle Board, Brick, Concrete, Ceramics, Carbon Fiber