CS-NRI Silicone Tape for adhering Compression Film and otther wrapping material (Red) #ST500 1-inch x 10-feet

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CSNRI Silicone tape helps the high-temp compression film adhere to itself as it wraps around the repair job.Compression

Recommended for use with the red film for High Temp and High Performance Repair Jobs.

Used with all SynthoGlass Engineered Repair Systems, as well as all standard pipe repair kits, and with all brands of standard repair products and operations.

One Silicone bonding tape option.

  • #ST500 : 1-in x 10-foot x 0.02-in (0.5mm)

NOTE: If you have repairs for High Operating Temperatures, or repairs requiring trained engineering professionals, then the Red compression film may be required.

Please reach out to us or CS-NRI for more advice on how to decide.