Atlas Professional Adhesive Dispensing Kit for 1:1 & 2:1 ratio 50ml cartridges

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Atlas Professional AP50 Dispensing Kit for 50ml Adhesive Cartridges (1:1 & 2:1 ratios)

Sold Exclusively by Perigee Direct, the Atlas Professional AP50 is our flagship 2-Partl Dispenser for 50ml cartridges.

The AP50 works with all standard 'square-back' 50ml adhesive cartridges. And specifically, cartridges from Loctite, Araldite, Devcon, and 3M, and many others.

The dispenser is extremely important to the adhesive dispensing process. A 2-component adhesive can only reach its full potential if constant metering of the correct ratio is ensured. The AP50 2-Part dispenser is a precision tool that is suited for industrial, professional and DIY use and is very user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Industry-standard Dispenser for 50ml 2-Part cartridges
  • Perfect for consistently applying Epoxy and Adhesives to your jobs
  • Works perfectly with the following Branded 50ml cartridges:
    • All 1:1 and 2:1 cartridges from Loctite EA (Hysol), Devcon Dev-Packs & Mark5, Huntsman Araldite 2000+ Gorilla Epoxy, and all other brands that use the standard square-back 50ml cartridge types (also described below).
  • And Works with the following 50ml cartridge types:
    • All Type-S or Type-A 50ml "Square-Back or Rectangle-Back" Cartridge
    • This is the most popular type of cartridge
  • Consistent and precise metering
    • Each Full Hand Squeeze produces 4.1grams of Epoxy (2 plunger clicks)
    • Each single plunger 'click' produces 2.05 grams of Epoxy
  • Kit Includes an integrated dual-ratio plunger, usable for both 1:1 and 2:1 ratio cartridges
  • Impact Restistant Hardened Plastic body is lightweight and extremely durable
  • The dispenser’s highly ergonomic design is perfect for heavy, extended, repeated use, and will minimize hand fatigue
  • No-Drip design with an integrated prelease system