Atlas Pro Travel Duct Tape Thin-Profile Cards-2 Pack (16 Feet Total)

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The Atlas Professional Travel Duct Tape Thin-Profile Cards (2-Pack, 16-Feet total) can help you out of just about any jam while traveling or on the road. With two 8-foot cards (192 total inches) inches of duct tape literally in your pocket or wallet and a healthy dose of practical problem solving, you've got all you need to conquer those adventurous treks of yours!

  • Thin-Profile Credit Card-Sized tape roll that travels discreetly with you
  • Fits Perfectly in Wallets, Pockets, Purses, BackPaks, and Pouches
  • No Bulky Traditional Round Rolls
  • Keep duct tape on-hand, while storing it out-of sight
  • 16-feet of standard 2-inch duct tape, packed as 2 thin-profile credit-card sized rolls 8-feet each