Araldite 2028-1 UV Stable Fast Setting Transparent Polyurethane (PUR) adhesive - Variety of Packaging Sizes

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Product Description

Araldite® 2028-1 structural adhesive is a two component, transparent, cold curing polyurethane adhesive that has a flash point of 212°F (100°C). It is fast curing and UV stable. It is suitable for bonding a variety of metal and plastic substrates.

Please Note: These cartridges are designed to work best with appropriately sized Dispensing dispensers. We advise you use the correct Dispenser to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. If you do not have one, please check out our Dispensers; all are excellent products and have our seal of approval.

If you prefer not to use a Dispenser, there is an option for a manual hand plunger or a caulking dispenser adapter that you can use for fast small jobs.


  • Transparent
  • Fast Curing
  • UV Stable
  • Suitable for bonding a variety of metal and plastic substrates
  • Easy to use 1:1 ratio packaging


The strength and durability of a bonded joint are dependent on proper treatment of the surfaces to be bonded. At the very least, joint surfaces should be cleaned with a good degreasing agent such as acetone, isopropanol (for plastics) or other proprietary degreasing agents in order to remove all traces of oil, grease and dirt. Low-grade alcohol, gasoline, or paint thinners should never be used. The strongest and most durable joints are obtained by either mechanically abrading or chemically etching (“pickling”) the degreased surfaces. Abrading should be followed by a second degreasing treatment.

Application of Adhesive

The resin/hardener mix may be applied manually or robotically to the pretreated and dry joint surfaces. Huntsman's technical support group can assist the user in the selection of a suitable application method as well as suggest a variety of reputable companies that manufacture and service adhesive dispensing equipment. A layer of adhesive 0.05 to 0.10 mm thick will normally impart the greatest lap shear strength to the joint. Huntsman stresses that proper adhesive joint design is also critical for a durable bond. The joint components should be assembled and secured in a fixed position as soon as the adhesive has been applied.

Additional information is available by consulting the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Just ask for it!