50ml 2-Part Adhesive Dispensers For Industrial Applications: Focusing On The Key Features

50ml 2-Part Adhesive Dispensers For Industrial Applications: Focusing On The Key Features


Epoxy and adhesive dispensers have been crucial tools for manufacturing and other industrial applications. The industries have never fallen short of challenges with dispensing liquids and pastes while assembling units or components. That being said, these tools have only seen growing popularity through the years.

 Initially, manufacturers gave only a little thought to the dispensing. They often chose to use a sleek stick or a small brush for application. However, the times have changed now. Precision makes perfect; as they realized it, the associated concerns had to be tackled with the correct tools in hand. That’s why epoxy and adhesive dispensers are up in the market to rule out chances of performance or warranty issues. Additionally, too much adhesive needlessly added to the expenses.

You may come across various options in dispensers today, but what’s distinctive about the dispensers at Perigee Direct? Let’s look at the key features of DMA50, DS51, and DS53 adhesive dispensers.


Mixpac DMA50 FOR 50ML EPOXY & ADHESIVES (1:1 & 2:1 RATIOS)

 DMA50 is Mixpac’s flagship 2-Part Dispenser for 50ml cartridges. Customers also refer to it as DMA51, which works with all standard’ square back’ 50 ml adhesive cartridges. The specific cartridges it works with are from Devcon, Araldite, Loctite, and many more. It is user-friendly, perfect for consistent Epoxy and adhesive applications. The industry standard dispenser produces 4.1 grams of Epoxy (2 plunger clicks) with each full hand squeeze, and the design is highly ergonomic, so the chances of hand fatigue are minimized.



The industry standard DS51 is MixPac’s flagship product, 2-Part Dispenser for all 10:1 mix ratio S-Type cartridges (the popular S-Type ‘Rounded-Back’ 50ml cartridge style). It works as a single dispenser and plunger that fits both types of mix ratio cartridges. Consistent and precise metering and is best suited for High-Precision Industrial applications and works for most S-Type ‘rounded back’ 50 ml cartridges for 10:1 mixing ratio. Full hand squeeze serve around 4.1 grams of Epoxy on two plunger clicks.



The DS53 is a precision dispenser for S-Type Adhesive - 1:1 and 2:1 ratios, 50 ml 2-Part cartridges. The dispenser structure is ergonomic, perfect for repeated use, and equipped with a no-drip design with an integrated pre-release system. The plastic body is impact-resistant, durable, and lightweight.

 Weigh all the factors and requirements of your manufacturing activities and purchase the best dispensing tools such as DMA50, DS51, DS53, and others from Perigee Direct.