RITTER 50ml empty cartridge & pistons 1:1 ratio b-system style (gray-cap) PP 18000-0023


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    ZKK 50ml with Superior Piston Technology

    The 50 ml 1:1 cartridge from Ritter offers safe and clean use thanks to the bayonet cap for easy opening and closure. Separated outlets guarantee leak free extrusion and prevent cross contamination. The patented „superior“ piston technology allows perfect bleeding and safe transport by air and sea. Together with our mixing nozzles we provide a proven solution for accurate application.

    Reference 18000-0023 18000-0024
    Volume 50 ml 50 ml
    Material PP PP
    Printable no no
    Design piston superior o-ring
    Length 100 mm 100 mm
    Ø A-tube : Ø B-tube 21,5:21,5 mm 21,5:21,5 mm
    Mixing ratio 1:1 1:1
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