Pressure Pot Liners - 2.5 Gallon Disposable Rigid Inner Liners



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    Maven Accessories - Pressure Pot Liners - 2.5 Gallon Disposable Rigid Inner Liners

    2.5 Gallon Disposable Rigid Pot Liner variety packs.  These disposable semi-rigid liners fit the Maven Little-Big-Filler, as well as a variety of standard 2.5 gallon paint pots and pressure pots, like CA Technologies, Binks, and others.
    Made of solvent resistant material, these liners make clean up fast and easy.

    Examples of compatible systems:

    Maven Little Big Filler
    C.A. Technologies 2-1/2 Gallon Pressure Pots.
    Dan-Am 10 liter pressure tanks 671100, 681100, 671200, 681200, 671300, and 681300. (Replaces Dan-Am 671012 Tank Liners)
    Binks 2-gallon, 2.7-gallon, and 2.8-gallon pressure tanks
    Direct substitute for Binks part numbers PT-78-K10 and PT-78-K60

    Features & Specs:

    • 9.5-inch inner diameter
    • 10.5-inch outer diameter (outer installed lip diameter)
    • 9-inches height when un-pressurized (uninstalled and unpressurized)
    • 10.5-inch pressurized height (when installed and pressurized, the liner expands)
    • Reduce Clean Up Time
    • Quick Color Replacements / Changes
    • Will Not Contaminate Material
    • Disposal
    • Solvent Resistant
    • Made From Anti-static High Density Polyethylene
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