Nylon UV Resistant 50ml Empty 1:1 Ratio 2-Part Cartridge Kit w/ Hand Plungers, Mixers & Sealing Pistons

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    Nylon Empty 50ml Adhesive Cartridges/Pistons for 1:1 ratio adhesives. Includes easy-to-install Air-Free Pistons and Resealable Caps. Each kit includes either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 Cartridges, 100 Resealable Caps, and 200 sealing pistons to close and seal the empty cartridges.

    Nordson EFD Cartridge Part Number: 7702622

    Key feature of this cartridge is it's Black UV Resistant color, which is perfect for light-sensitive, light-curable, and/or UV-curable formulas.

    This kit is popular for storing bulk adhesives into an easy-to-dispense cartridge.

    NOTE: The included hand plungers work best with thin or low viscosity adhesives. In fact, using the included manual hand plunger with many thicker 2-part adhesives can be difficult to mix and push out of the cartridge. If you are using medium or thick/low viscosity adhesives, we recommend also getting one of our 50ml Dispensers, which will vastly improve the ability to dispense the adhesives out of these cartridge kits.

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