Maven M5-3500D - Digital Adhesives & Liquids Filling Machine, fills from 5ml to 3.5L


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    Our Maven M5-3500D Digital Filling machine enables your team to safely and efficiently fill a variety of adhesive and specialty chemicals into a variety of containers, ranging from 5ml to 3.5L,and in a variety of demanding environments. 

    Our Semi-Automatic Benchtop Filling Systems can handle a variety of chemicals including adhesives, additives, antioxidants, corrosive products, dyes, and many other more sensitive liquid products. Our equipment offers accurate and repeatable fills, servo-driven technology, in-turret labeling, weigh compensation capabilities, and touch screen simplicity.

    Customized to meet your ever-changing demands, our reliable liquid filling equipment is designed to deliver high performance and low total cost of ownership year after year.


    Automatic filling and manual filling freely switch;

    Discharging drip tight function;

    Power cut memory function;


    • "filling time" adjust the pump working time;control the filling range.
    • "waiting time" it's the time gap between the first filling and the second;it's only used for the filler is on Auto  set.
    • "counter" it will counter how many times it has filled.
    • "filling speed" adjust the filling speed.
    • "setting" press this button when the filler is on;then the filler will fill;fill your bottles until it is full/or to the volume you need;then press this button again so that the filler will remember the filling range; the filling range is set;
    • "manual" switch to manual model and press the button"fixed point" and it will fill as long as you press the button.
    • "auto" switch to auto model.


    1. Press the red power button to turn the machine on
    2. Place your bottle or container under the filling nozzle
    3. Press "setting" to start filling
    4. Fill your bottle until the volume you need is reached;
    5. Press the "setting"button again to stop, and enable the "memory"
    6. The M5-3500D remembers this filling range
    7. Then choose the "auto" or "manual" model to start working again.


    Technical Specs:


    liqiud filling machine

    Driven Type


    Filling mode

    Automatic or manual switchable

    Shell material

    Mirror stainless steel




    110V /220V



    Single pump Max. flow rate


    Filling range


    Repetitive error


    Machine Size


    Machine Weight



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