Lord Fusor 147/148 Plastic Bonding Adhesive (Medium)

LORD Fusor


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    Fusor 147/148 adhesive is a two-component, urethane based adhesive used for installation and bonding of small body panels, ground effects and headlight buckets.

    Features and Benefits:

    High Performance – provides high strength for structural applications. Versatile – bonds SMC, fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastics, and primed metal. Convenient – provides faster cure time for smaller interior and exterior parts. Non-Sag – remains in position when applied on vertical or overhead surfaces; easy to apply.

    Application: Prepare:

    If bonding metal, prefit all metal parts. Prime all bare metal using a two-component epoxy primer. Allow the primer to completely dry, then scuff-sand the primed areas with 180- or 220-grit sandpaper. If bonding plastic, clean the area to be bonded with Fusor 703 adhesion prep/cleaner. Scuff-sand the bond areas with 80-grit sandpaper. Wipe with a clean dry rag. Do not use tack rag

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