Loctite Teroson SB 450 Primer, Activator & Cleaner for Elastic Adhesives & Silane-Modified Polymers (SMP)

Loctite Teroson

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    TEROSON SB 450 is a specialized alcohol-based solution designed for the cleaning, preparation and priming of difficult to bond surfaces. It contains active ingredients that improve the adhesion of elastic adhesives and sealants on surfaces on which adhesion is usually difficult to achieve.

    LT Part Number: 2458313  (aka 642844)

    It is often used with the Teroson MS 9399 silane-modified polymer (SMP) 

    A thorough cleaning of the substrates is essential to achieve a serviceable adhesion on metals, plastics and coated surfaces. TEROSON SB 450 is applied finely and evenly by a suitable clean cloth or paper. The cloth or paper should be changed by apparent contamination. In order to control whether TEROSON SB 450 covers the entire substrate, the product contains a UV indicator. It is particularly well visible under a UV
    lamp with a wave length of approx. 380 nm. After withdrawal of the product, the container should be closed tightly to prevent access of humidity. By exposure to water/humidity TEROSON SB 450 loses its activity and becomes cloudy.

    Splashes should be removed at once by an absorbing material.

    Shelf life: 12 months  (in unopened original packaging)
    Frost-Sensitive: No
    Recommended storage temperature, °C 10 to 25

    Loctite Number:  SB 450

    Related Adhesive:  Teroson MS 9399

    Color:  Clear

    Package Size:  1 liter bottle

    Maximum Operating Temperature:  +100°F

    Minimum Operating Temperature:  -40°F

    UV Resistance:  Great Resistance, No significant changes from 6 weeks exposure of 300W Dry UV at 25 centimeters from bond

    Shore A hardness: 55

    Elongation at break: 150%

    Tensil strength 3.0 mPa

    Viscosity Class: High

    Viscosity Measurement: Sag-resistant

    Multi-Part Adhesive: Two-Part, 1:1 ratio

    Manufacturer Ordering Number: 2081733

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