Leister ELECTRON ST 120V - 230V (2400W - 3400W) Powerful Handheld Heat Gun for temps up to 1200F 145.562, 145.567, 145.574



  • $ 599.99
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    The new ELECTRON ST in 120v or 230v power is a real powerhouse among Leister's full line of heat guns, with an appearance modeled after the trailblazing TRIAC AT/ST. This means improved ergonomics, resulting in more comfort and less fatigue. Existing ELECTRON nozzles fit the new model.

    120v US Plug version is part number 145.562

    230v EU Plug version is part number 145.567

    230v No Plug (Bare Wire) version is part number 145.574

    • Suitable for all jobsites
    • Leister's most powerful heat gun
    • Easy to clean air filter
    • Automatic protection via carbon brush stop and heating element
    • Durable tool case included
    • Swiss made
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