JB FiberWeld Repair Wraps - Permanent Waterproof Repair Tape& Wraps - Strong like Steel

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    JB FiberWeld Repair Wraps - Permanent Waterproof Repair Tape& Wraps - Strong like Steel

    JB FiberWeld Repair Wraps,  Excellent for repairing hoses, hand tools, water pipes, chairs, tables, stands, rods, etc.  Slip on the included gloves, soak JB FiberWeld in water, apply to any surface needing repair, and wait for 10 minutes. Repair projects can be fast and low-cost.   FiberWeld 2" Pipe Repair Cast is a high-strength fiberglass wrap, impregnated with a specially-formulated resin to repair pipes up to 1" in diameter. When activated by water, the product forms a strong, waterproof bond that hardens like steel in 15 minutes.
    All FiberWeld wraps are 2-inches in diameter, and come on 3 lengths:
    • 38236   36-inch, popularly used for tool and handle repairs, and very small pipes, no more than 1/2-in diameter
    • 38248   48-inch, medium length for pipe repair up to 1-in diameter.
    • 38260   60-inch, longer length for pipe repair up to 2-in diameter.
    Included in Kit:
    1) FiberWeld repair wrap, impregnated with water-activated high-strength urethane adhesive
    2) Epoxy putty stick for additional sealing strength
    3) Flexible Elastic Wrapping sheathe to hold FiberWeld in place as it dries 
    4) Rubber gloves to protect the installer's hands


    • Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
    • Tool Handles
    • Yard Equipment
    • Pipes & Hoses
    • Sporting & Camping Gear
    • Preventative Reinforcement
    • Professional Plumbing Repairs (38248 & 38260)
    • DIY Plumbing Repairs (38248 & 38260)


    • Metal
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Copper Piping
    • Cast Iron Piping
    • PEX Piping
    • PVC Piping
    • PP Piping
    • ABS
    • Most Plastics
    • Wood
    • Fiberglass
    • Rubber
    • Made of Fiberglass weave cloth with water-activated high-strength Urethane adhesive fully impregnated throughout.  

    • CONVENIENT: repairs small cracks and breaks in a line

    • FIX IT YOURSELF: slip on gloves, soak the roll in water, apply to a surface, wait 10 minutes.

    • REPAIR PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING: hand tools, pipes, hoses, tanks, table legs, fiberglass cracks & holes, etc.

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