Hair Color Touch-Up Syringe Dispenser Kit- 25ml 2-part syringe with included mixing nozzle

Atlas Professional


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    This small dispensing syringe kit is perfect for hair stylists and customers alike, to fill with the hair touch-up lotion, and then properly mix and dispense for treating hair with the needed touch-up coloring.

    Each multi-pack contains either 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 dispenser kits, including a 25ml (0.85oz) 2-part syringe, a resealable cap, a hand plunger, and a mixing nozzle.   Each barrel holds 12ml of lotion, or 0.42oz. 

    This kit takes the guess-work away from getting the right ratio of materials, and thoroughly mixes it every time. 

    The syringe can also be used without the mixing nozzle if needed, simply push the hand plunger down, and the correct ratio of material is pushed out, and can then be mixed by hand with a small Popsicle stick or similar.

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