Fluid Dispensing Wand Valve, Thimble-Lever Controlled, Self-Retracting (Self-Shut-Off)



  • $ 149.99

    Maven Fluid Dispensing Wand Valve, Thimble-Lever Controlled, Self-Retracting (Self-Shut-Off)

    This is our premium auto-shutoff, portioning flow-configurable dispensing valve.  It is wand-style to make repetitious filling jobs easier and less stressful on the operator.



    • Engineered for use on the Maven Filling Machine, fits all tubing and components
    • Corrosion-Resistant Stainless-Steel inner-components
    • Anodized aluminum outer housing
    • Spring-loaded auto-shut-off operation
    • Simply depress the thimble lever to dispense, and release to stop dispensing
    • Works with All Standard (Luer-Lok) dispensing tips & dispensing needles
    • Adjustable Twist-Ring-style portioning flow-configurable settings
    • Small size, light weight, easy to operate manually
    • Cleanable and washable, easy disassembly and reassembly

    Technical Specs

    • Model: MV_L20_THIMBLE_VALVE
    • Type: Thimble
    • Operating viscosity: 1 to 100,000 cps
    • Operating style: Manual control
    • Net Weight: 120g
    • Air source: 4-7Kgf/cm
    • Minimum discharge: 1ml
    • Materials: Stainless Steel inner components, Anodized Aluminum outer housing
    • Inlet port size: 6mm hose
    • Outlet diameter: 3.0mm
    • Total length: 185mm
    • Total outer housing diameter: 20mm


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