FiberFix Repair Wrap - Permanent Waterproof Repair Tape - Wrap like Duct Tape but Strong like Steel



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    FiberFix Repair Wraps,  No one likes repairing pipes and hoses. If you break things and want to unbreak them, FiberFix is a great choice, for repairing hoses, hand tools, water pipes, chairs, tables, stands, rods, etc.  Slip on your gloves, soak FiberFix in water, apply to any surface needing repair, and wait for 10 minutes. Repair projects can be fast and low-cost. 
    • Made of Fiberglass weave cloth with water-activated high-strength Urethane adhesive fully impregnated throughout.  
    • CONVENIENT: repairs small cracks and breaks in a line
    • FIX IT YOURSELF: slip on gloves, soak the roll in water, apply to a surface, wait 10 minutes.
    • REPAIR PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING: If you break something, unbreak it with FiberFix... light duty hand tools, pipes, hoses, tanks, table legs, etc.
    • 100X STRONGER THAN DUCT TAPE: It's pretty darn strong, durable and dependable.
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