MedMix MBQX 05-16L Mixing Nozzles - for 3M EPX 50ml Duo-Pak Adhesive Cartridges (Shorter 16-element, 3.5in, 10:1 & 4:1 ratios)

Atlas Professional


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    Atlas Professional Screw-On Mixing Nozzles for the New 3M 10:1 and 4:1 ratio 50ml Duo-Pack Cartridge Design (also called a B-System design with a large gray screw-off cap). These are the Shorter 3.5-inch 16-Element mixing nozzles, which are preferred for most Acrylic (MMA) and Epoxy adhesives. They are also in the high-efficiency quadro style, which reduces wasted material by about 50% vs traditional helix nozzles. They reduce wasted adhesives through smaller cavities and more efficient interior mixing elements, and with a guaranteed-correct A-B alignment when mixing the two parts which eliminates incorrect mixing ratios.

    Sulzer Part Number MBQX 05-16L or EA05-16LMBQX

    UPC Numbers: 116063, 05111569043, 051115690433, 51115690439, 63806010031, 62917199549, 62915491369

    Works perfectly with the new 3M EPX Duo-Pak Cartridge Design, as well as with all B-System and S-System 50ml "Square-Back or Rectangle-Back" Cartridges. Essentially, it's for all cartridges that have a large gray twist-off cap on their outle (instead of a smaller white cap).

    1) Syringe Inner Diameter: 6mm/ 0.25"; Tip-end hole Inner Diameter: 0.5mm/ 0.06"
    2) Inner Mixing Elements: 18 elements (how many mixing 'points' are found inside the nozzle)
    3) Total Syringe Length: 115mm/ 4.5") Package Contents vary by the Pack size you select.
    4) Fully compatible with the 3M EPX Orange Mixing Nozzle Stock Number 62-9154-9136-9 (UPC 0-51115-69043-9)

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