RITTER 400ml Empty 10:1 Ratio 2-Part Cartridge & Pistons


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    Ritter GmbH has during many years gained a reputation as a market leading manufacturer of two-component cartridges and static mixers. In order to meet the ever increasing demand on structural bonding and sealant performances with regard to precision, safety and productivity, Ritter has developed its new range of ACF-coded cartridges. "ACF" – air free and cross contamination-free cartridges – the name says it all. The ACF-Cartridge range is complemented by high-performing, specifically tailored mixing nozzles. In line with these requirements is the stretching of the ACF-range to embrace 50 ml size cartridges in mixing ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1.

    Product Dimensions:


    Barrel Length: 183,8

    Barrel Inner Diameter part A (ID): 61

    Barrel Inner Diameter part B (ID): 19.5

    High-performance raw materials

    High standards for perfect solutions require the highest levels of consistent quality and precision. Our ACF-coded cartridges are manufactured from high quality raw materials which offer good chemical resistance against the product and permit safe storage and long shelf life of the industrial adhesive or sealant.

    Filling from the Rear and Front

    Air-free filling is accomplished, when the cartridge is rear-filled by the active usage of Ritter's patented self-bleeding SUPERIOR pistons and valve pistons. ACF 50ml cartridges come with SUPERIOR pistons (in ratio 1:1) and self-venting pistons (in ratios 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1). The separated parallel outlet bores also allow air-free front filling of all ACF-Cartridges.

     Fast and efficient venting

    X-Ray image of a filled ACF 400 ml 2:1 cartridge, showing an entirely bled cartridge. The cartridge was rear-filled on a fully automated filling station, using self-bleeding SUPERIOR or valve pistons for fast and efficient venting.

     Even surface avoids air pockets

    Air-free filling and storage is made sure thanks to the design of the closure plug at the cartridge outlet, which is closing evenly with the cartridge shoulder: No risk for air entrapment, as potential air pockets can't occur during filling on the flat surface.

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