Nordson Ratio-Pak Configurable Piston (Non-Vented) / MDPE / 250ml - 7661406

Nordson EFD


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    Individual Piece Parts & Components for the The Nordson Ratio-Pak® cartridge system. If you know the individual part numbers that u use or like, simply select them here, or give us a call and we'll add them to the catalog for you.


    The Nordson Ratio-Pak configurable multi-ratio system offers a versatile solution to package a variety of two-part materials, including foams, coatings, potting compounds, and other adhesives and sealants.

    The Ratio-Pak line uses individual cartridges that snap together with Ratio-Pak cartridges of any other size. This unique, patented design gives users the flexibility to combine multiple ratios, from 1:1 up to 25:1, to achieve proper mixing
    results. Cartridge configurations are available with a variety of capping solutions, assorted thread forms, and self-venting seals for easy filling.


    • Snap-together design for easily changeable configurations
    • Combine multiple ratios, from 1:1 up to 25:1
    • May be filled through the nozzle or back-side of the cartridge
    • Compatible with many industry-standard mixer options

    Cool Facts

    • Versatile design allows different mix ratios and volumes
    • Snap-together cartridges help reduce inventory
    • Flexibility to combine and configure for multiple different ratios (from 1:1 up to 25:1)
    • Match different barrel types for chemical compatibility

      (for example, mate a polypropylene barrel for side 1 with a nylon barrel for side 2)

    • Easy filling & handling with quick clean-up
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