Atlas Pro 200ml (6.76oz) Empty Dual-Barrel 2:1 ratio Cartridge ONLY - 1 to 100-Packs

Atlas Professional

  • $ 4.19

Empty 200ml Adhesive Cartridges for 2:1 ratio adhesives, with included Resealable Cap and Sealing Pistons. Each kit includes either 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 cartridges with the necessary cap and sealing pistons to close and seal the empty cartridges. Perfect for storing and applying bulk adhesives that use a 2:1 mix ratio, where precise metering and mixing is needed. NOTE: With these empty cartridges, you will need additional accessories: a dispensing product and mixing nozzles to push/etrude/dispense the adhesive out. We recommend also getting one of our 200ml Dispensers, and some of our 200ml mixing nozzles, which will enable you to dispense the adhesives out of these cartridge kits.

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