Albion 2-Part Dispensers for 600ml, 450ml, 375ml, 330ml cartridges 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 or 10:1 mix ratios, Manual, Pneumatic & 18V Battery


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    Albion Dispensers for 600ml, 450ml, 375ml, 330ml 2-part cartridges 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 or 10:1 Mix ratios - Manual, Pneumatic & 18V Battery

    Ratio Style Size Part Number
    1:1 Ratio Battery 600ml E18T600
    Pneumatic - Standard AT600
    Pneumatic - Suitcase AT600-S


    2:1 ratio Battery 450ml E18T600x2
    Pneumatic - Standard AT600x2
    Pneumatic - Suitcase AT600x2-S
    Manual B26T600x2
    4:1 ratio Pneumatic 450ml AT375X4
    Manual B26T375
    10:1 ratio Manual 490ml B18T330i

    Pneumatic Air Dispensers

    • Accepts 1:1 and 2:1 Mix Ratio 600ml or 450ml, Twin side-by-side cartridges.
    • Typically used for dispensing solid surface adhesives such as Epoxy, MMA's, Acrylics, Urethanes, Polyurethanes, Polyureas, Polyesters, SMP's, 2-Part Silicones, etc
    • Popular Standard vs. Suitcase (One-Handed Operation) available. Suitcase option allows for operator to dispense with just one hand, especially for tight or hard to reach areas.
    • Ergonomic design - PATENTED One-hand operation with improved control means easier and more comfortable material dispensing.
    • Faster flow increases productivity - More power from a 4" diameter cylinder dramatically increases the flow of material.
    • Responsive - Improved trigger control, easy access regulator, and pneumatic forward and reverse.
    • Adaptable - Quickly change over from one-hand to two-hand configurations.
    • Easy reload - Truly functional upright position allows easy load and unload.
    • Rugged construction - Albion's legendary quality and state-of-the-art engineering ensures that the tool can handle rugged conditions.

    Manual Dispensers

    • Albion's B-Line B26 series Multi-Component Dispensing Gun with smooth & powerful High Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive.
    • Dispensers configurable for all major ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 mix ratio (395ml, 600ml, 450ml, 375ml to 330ml) twin side-by-side cartridges.
    • Typically used for dispensing solid surface adhesives such as Epoxy, MMA's, Acrylics, Urethanes, Polyurethanes, Polyureas, Polyesters, SMP's, 2-Part Silicones, etc
    • Albion's legendary double gripping plates and steel trigger means increased durability.
    • Adjustment screw technology means increased life of the gun - as the tool wears you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion.
    • Full size handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing.
    • Designed for Thin or Thick materials.

    18V Battery Power Dispensers

    • Albion's powerful 18V cordless drive system coupled to a sturdy carriage for dispensing 600-series and 450-series 2-part cartridges
    • Configurable for ratios 1:1 and 2:1
    • Flow control - instant drive disengagement when trigger is released
    • Ergonomic design - reduces wrist strain
    • Supplied fully assembled. Kit Includes:
      • (1) 982-2 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
      • (1) 982-21 Charger for 18V Lithium-Ion Battery (30 minute).
    • Improvements over Albion 2nd generation cordless guns:
      • Generates 50% more force (950 lbs.)
      • Constant flow with no motor oscillation
      • More robust gear case
      • More efficient motor
      • Li-Io Battery is 50% lighter than NiCad model
      • 40% longer run time compared to NiCad with no fade
      • 50% faster recharge (30 minutes)
      • Wider operating temperature - down to 0°F
      • Fuel gauge shows how much charge is left in battery
      • More battery shock resistance means longer life
    • Powered by Milwaukee® REDLITHIUMTM Battery Technology

    18V Battery 982-2

    • 18V of long-lasting, fade-free Lithium-Ion power
    • 5 amp-hour capacity
    • Recharge time 30 minutes
    • Equivalent run time with 40% less weight than an 18V NiCad battery
    • Individual Cell Voltage Monitoring-ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life
    • Battery Fuel Gauge - Displays remaining run-time

    Battery Charger 982-21 - 18V & 12V Batteries (USA version)

    • Recharges both12V & 18V Lithium-Ion batteries in 30 minutes
    • Replaces either #982-3 or #1004-4 battery chargers
    • 110V AC
    • Also available: Australian version (982-18), Euro version (982-19) and UK version (982-20)
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