50ml Empty 1:1 Ratio 2-Part Cartridge & Dispenser Full Kit

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    High-Density 2-Part (dual-component) 1:1 ratio 50ml empty Adhesive Cartridge with included easy-to-install Sealing Pistons and Reseal-able end-cap.
    Each kit includes either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 of the cartridges, easy-to-install Sealing Pistons and Reseal-able end-cap.

    Sulzer MixPac Cartridge Part Number: AA 050-01-10-33  ,  154840

    Key feature of this cartridge is it's easy-to-install sealing pistions, which install in one easy step.
    This kit can be used to fill, store, and dispense 2-part adhesives, epoxies, silicones, urethanes, and other 2-part fluids and compounds.
    It is popular for storing bulk adhesives into an easy-to-dispense cartridge, and then using the MixPac Dispenser to easily and precicely extrude fully mixed adhesives.

    NOTE: The included MixPac dispensing kit is the 'Industry Standard' for accurate and fast dispensing. It will perform exceptionally well for your project, and is strong and long-lasting. This dispenser will vastly improve the ability to dispense the adhesives out of these cartridge kits.

    These 2-Part cartridges are industrial grade and silicone free. The cartridge design/fit using the "A-System", also known as "Square-Back". The 2-Part design keeps the two adhesive parts separate, until a separate mixing nozzle is attached, where the two parts are pushed or extruded into the mixing nozzle and bonding or curing begins.

    The included 3-inch long mixing nozzles are of the "bayonet" design, which easily twist on and off the cartridge end. These nozzles tend to be difficult to clean and store after their first use, and therefore generally considered to be single-use accessories. These Cartridges use standard static mixer nozzles.

    Products are industrial grade safe to 100 psi and are certified silicone free. Dispensers are available for all size cartridges either in manual of pneumatic. The “A” System is comprised of a small lightweight, hand-held manual dispenser which dispenses 2-component adhesives through “A” System cartridges and motionless mixers. Cartridge systems are available in a variety of volumetric ratios. Please be sure to select the correct ratio for your two component system.

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