Weldy HG 330-A - Professional Heat Gun with Precise Digital Temp Controls 123.157

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  • Type Heat Guns
  • Vendor Weldy
  • SKU WELDY_HG330-A_HEAT_GUN_123.157
  • Barcode 7612733231595

The WELDY HG 330-A is a high-performance professional heat gun with precice digital temperature controls, for when precision is important.

Thanks to quick, precice digital temperature adjustment from 176 °F to 1,202 °F and a two-stage blower, the HG 330-A is great for professional and DIY jobs alike. Whether for paint or varnish removal, installing and shrinking plastic films, refreshing plastic parts with hot air, or defrosting pipes, the HG 330-A heat gun makes tasks that require hot air easier. Thanks to its high heating capabilities and blowing strength coupled with low weight and ergonomic design, the HG 330-A is the perfect tool for your unique applications.

The versatile and multifunctional HG 530-A heat gun is suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial applications including car wrapping, cable/wire shrinking, loosening screws or valves, and so on.

The configurable, energy-saving eco mode is activated via sensor as soon as the operator puts the heat gun down. Weighing just 1.65 lbs., the HG 530-A can be used for prolonged periods in hot-air applications without risk of fatigue. Its soft-touch handle and well-balanced design ensure that it can be held securely and comfortably for any application that requires heat. Additional functions including digital temperature control and eco mode set it apart from other products on the market as well as from the HG 530-S heat gun.

  • Powerful in work mode, power-saving in eco mode
  • Infinitely variable digital temperature control
  • Well-balanced ergonomic design with a soft-touch handle
  • Additional functions for industrial applications
    Attribute Unit Value
    Voltage V~ 120
    Power W 1500
    Air volume l/min 200 / 500
    Temperature °C 176 - 1,202
    Size (L × W × H) IN
    9.8 × 3.1 × 9.1
    Weight LB 1.7
    Conformity mark CE Certification
    Protection class II ProtectionClass II