Tubular Heat Protection Shield (147.222) for Leister Solano Heat Gun

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  • Type Heat Sheild
  • Vendor Leister

Tubular Heat Protection Shield (147.222) for Leister Solano Heat Gun

Burn protection for you, the operator and your material or job

The tubular heat protection shield is an important accessory for the SOLANO AT. This is because the easily attachable protective nozzle prevents direct contact of the SOLANO AT's heating tube, which can reach temperatures of up to 650°C, when working on sensitive materials. This protects users from burns and the material from damage such as soot stains, burns or scratches. The use of the practical protection nozzle is recommended when working on artificial leather, leather, car wrapping and shrinking cables.

To ensure that the protection nozzle on the SOLANO AT is also compatible with the nozzle accessories, individual webs on the protection ring are provided with predetermined breaking points. These rings can bend easily with a pair of pliers so that it's possible to mount the required nozzles even with the heat protection attached. Due to its fiber glass structure, the protection nozzle is far more durable and significantly more resistant to heat than normal plastic. At the maximum working temperature of 650°C the protection nozzle heats up to 100°C and at 400°C it heats up to 60°C. In addition to increasing work safety and protecting the material, an attractive and functional design was taken into account when creating the protection nozzle. Installing the protection nozzle is very easy. It's easy to attach to the SOLANO AT and locks into place with a slight twisting motion. In short: The protection nozzle is a practical and sensible accessory for the SOLANO AT, which users value a lot when working with sensitive materials.