PLEXUS MA8110 GB - MMA Acrylic Adhive Optimized for Metals, Galvanized Metals, and Hot-Dipped Metals

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Plexus MA8110 GB is a two part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of metal and gavanized metal assemblies combined at a 1:1 ratio. Plexus MA8110 GB is fast curing system designed primarily for bonding gavanized coated metals in particular Hot Dipped G90 and G60.

Key Features:

  • Primerless adhesion to metals, most thermoplastics and composites
  • Has exceptional strength and elongation which allows for bonding of dissimilar materials
  • Excellent fatigue resistance, impact resistance and toughness
  • Easy to use 1:1 ratio product
  • Low odor formula
  • Excellent environment resistance to salt spray and other environmental factors

Back-Ups, Substitutes, and Similar Formulas:

These formulas are all similar and can be substitutes depending on the use case:

Plexus MA8105GB   (5-Minute Set) Maven MMA8105 GB (5-Minute Set)
Plexus MA8110GB  (10-Minute Set) Maven MMA8110 GB (10-Minute Set)
Plexus MA8120GB  (20-Minute Set) Maven MMA8120 GB (20-Minute Set)

Key Substrates:

Raw Metals- Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Raw Steel, etc.

Coated Metals- Hot Dipped, Galvanizd, Electrogalvanized, Powder Coated or E-Coated Metals

Theromoplastics – ABS/ABS Blends, Acrylics, Polymides/Nylons, PBT, Polycarbonate, Rigid PVC, TPU

Composites -DCPP, FRP, Gelcoat, Phenolics, Epoxy Based Composites, RIM


Color: Gray

Mix Ratio: 1:1

Shear Strength: 1,800 -2,400 PSI (12.4 -16.5 MPa)

Adhesive: 40,000 – 70,000 cP

Activator: 40,000 – 70,000 cP

Working Time Min: 8 minutes

Working Time Max: 12 minutes

Fixture Time Min.: 35 minutes

Fixture Time Max: 50 minutes

Tensile Strength Max: 3,600 psi (24.8 MPa)

Tensile Elongation Max: 20%