PERMATEX Aviation FORM-A-GASKET #3 Sealant - 16 fl. oz. bottle 80017

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  • Type Sealants
  • Vendor Permatex
  • SKU PERMATEX_80017_16OZ


Permatex Aviation Form-A-GasketÒ No. 3 Sealant is a dark reddish brown, viscous liquid with a characteristic alcoholic odor.  It is a slow drying, liquid that changes to a pliable, tacky film through solvent evaporation.  It seals close fitting parts, machined surfaces and threaded connections in industrial, aircraft, marine and automotive applications.   
 Military Specification  MIL-S-45180 D, Type III


  • For close tolerance flanges
  • Slow drying
  • Flexible setting
  • Withstands pressures to 5000 psi


  Solid Gasket Dressing

  Close fitting machined surfaces

  Threaded connections

   Aviation Engines

   Marine Engines

Physical Properties:

     Chemical Type:                                             Modified resin, fillers & alcohol

     Appearance:                                                  Dark brown liquid

     Odor:                                                              Alcoholic

    Specific Gravity:                                              1.1

    Viscosity:                                                         Viscous liquid

    Flash Point, TCC ° F:                                        60