Permabond Anaerobic MH196 Accordion Bottle

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Product details

  • Type Gasket Maker
  • Vendor Permabond
  • Barcode AA001960075A0101

Permabond MH196 is an anaerobic material designed for making “formed in situ” gaskets between metal surfaces. It is capable of replacing a wide range of conventional gaskets, thereby offering potential for reduced stock holdings. By allowing surface to surface contact, load transmission can be improved. As the product does not shrink, creep or relax after curing, no bolt re-tightening is required. It has excellent chemical and high temperature resistance or up to 200°C.

High temperature resistant anaerobic gasketmaker

  • Toughened, slightly flexible - excellent impact and vibration resistance.
  • High temperature resistance - to 200�C.
  • Seals between metal faces / flanges (up to 0.5mm gap) and bolt holes.
  • Replaces conventional paper / cork / rubber or silicone gaskets.
  • Makes all sizes / shapes of gasket with one product (no need to hold specific pre-cut gasket in stock).
  • Will not deteriorate over time - no need to replace / service, no risk of loose particles damaging valves etc.
  • Does not require tightening after "bedding-in" unlike conventional gaskets.
  • Can be removed if necessary.
  • Excellent resistance to water, chemicals and automotive fluids (fuel, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze etc.).
  • Easy to apply, rapid cure speed with good instant pressure sealing ability.