Maven Epoxy EA 270 - Slow Set 60-80-Min Epoxy-Medium Viscosity Amber Clear-1:1 ratio

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Maven EA 270 is a 2-part toughened epoxy adhesive with the work life of approximately 60-80 minutes. When mixed they produce a tough flexible bond with high impact strength. Bonds wide range of metals, plastics, ceramics and rubber. It can be Machinable. Low shrinkage and good resistance water, wide range of chemicals, and many solvents.

EA270 is a popular back-up/substitute material for:

  • 3M DP270  Clear potting compound. 

Cured Product Characteristics


Clear in thin layers

Mild Yellow in thick layers

Work Life (50 gram mass) 60 - 80 minutes
Functional cure 3 - 4 hours
Full cure 48 hours
Mixing ratio 1:1
Shore D hardness 75

Chemical resistance

Excellent resistant to solvents and many chemicals.

Directions of applications

Wipe off and degrease the surface to be bonded. For maximum bond
strength chemical etching of the surfaces is recommended. Dispense a
desirable amount of adhesive using a dispensing dispenser. For maximum
strength apply product on both surfaces to be bonded. A adhesive layer
thickness of 0.05 to 0.1mm would give maximum lap shear strength.
Join the substrates with in 80 minutes and allow it to cure at room
temperature. Do not disturb the parts during the curing process. Excess
adhesive can be wiped off.

Safety and handling

Wear safety glasses and gloves. Contains epoxy resin and amine. Keep
out of the reach of children. Once used keep the containers closed.

Storage and shelf life

Store the product between 60-80℉. Shelf life is 15 months from the date
of manufacture, if stored as recommended.

For additional product information consult Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Just as us for them.