Maven 50ml (1.7oz) Empty 4:1 Ratio 2-Part Cartridge and Pistons

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Maven 50mL 4:1 Ratio Open-Ended Empty Cartridge (Polypropylene PP Plastic)

Maven 50mL cartridge is molded “open” and comes pre-assembled with our superior plug closure.

Dirctly Substitutable and Replacable with:

Nordson EFD Part Number 7702886 (aka BS-101-01)

MedMix MixPac Part Number AA 050-04-10-01 (116417)

This is the universal / standard A-System design (aka Square-Back). It is fully compatible with current mixers and dispensers, it uses the universal / stanard Bayonet style mizing nozzles.


  • Ratios Available: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1
  • Materials of Construction: Polypropylene and nylon
  • Superior Plug Closure: Preassembled for efficiency
  • Closed Option Available: Hermetically sealed (1:1 & 2:1 only)
  • Two Styles of Dispensers: Manual dispenser and caulking gun conversion kit
  • Large Mixer Selection
  • Multiple Piston Options
  • AF piston is available for 1:1 ratio

AF Pistons

The AF piston (Air Free) does a superior job of venting all of the air between the material and the piston. Its unique design does not require a shim to bleed the air. This piston bleeds air around the circumference of the blue plug. Once fully inserted, simply push the blue plug in to lock and seal the cartridge. The AF piston provides a more visible indication when the piston is completely closed, i.e. the blue center plug is flush with the top of the piston. Further, since the material of construction of the AF piston is a PE/PBT combo, it is compatible with most materials, simplifying inventory. In conjunction with your evaluation of the new 50mL cartridge, please contact your salesperson for free samples of the new AF Piston.


  • Eliminates trapped air
  • No need for shims or secondary plugging operations
  • Ensures on-ratio dispensing
  • Fast, foolproof operation
  • Prevents material separation