Leister GHIBLI AW 120V 2400W Ergonomic 5-step heat setting Heat Gun for Automotive and Assembly 148.078



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    The Ghibli AW is a robust and ergonomic heat gun used for shrinking in cable manufacturing, heating and forming in the automobile industry, lap welding of truck sheeting and for deburring plastic parts. Thanks to the easy-to-grip, two-component frame, the GHIBLI AW fits perfectly in the hand. Temperature and air volume can easily be adjusted with the proven and intuitive "e-Drive" operating unit. The stand and practical device suspension make working with this tool easier. The air filters can be readily removed and cleaned. And of course, all of the nozzles from its predecessor fit the new GHIBLI AW. 

    • Ergonomic heat gun
    • Digital temperature control
    • Five-stage air volume control
    • "e-Drive" operating unit for optimum process control
    • 100% Swiss Made


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