Leister GHIBLI 2-step heat setting Universal Heat Gun, for Automotive, Assembly and other uses 101.891 & 101.881

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  • Type Heat Guns
  • Vendor Leister

The Ghibli is a robust tried and true heat gun used for shrinking in cable manufacturing, heating and forming in the automobile industry, lap welding of truck sheeting and for deburring plastic parts. Thanks to the easy-to-grip, two-component frame, the GHIBLI fits perfectly in the hand. Temperature and air volume can easily be adjusted. The stand and practical device suspension make working with this tool easier. The air filters can be readily removed and cleaned. And of course, all of the nozzles from its predecessor fit the new GHIBLI.

GHIBLI is a true universal device for plastic welding and shrinking packaging films. Meanwhile, this heat gun also holds a constant, high welding temperature even with fluctuating, ambient temperatures and inconsistent voltage. The hot air flow can be switched between two air volumes, while the temperature can be adjusted continuously.
Thanks to a wide range of welding accessories such as reflectors, welding mirrors and nozzles, the GHIBLI can be used for shrinking, for targeted plastic welding of all kinds and for precise work in confined spaces.

Part Numbers:

101.891 is a 120v 1800w and has a US electrical plug

101.881 is a 230v 2300w and has an EU electrical plug

Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order

  • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
  • Tried & True workhorse heat gun
  • Two-stage air flow settings
  • continuous heat adjustment
  • 100% Swiss Made